Cyber Security Coalitie: Overheden, de academische wereld en het bedrijfsleven bundelen hun krachten tegen cybercriminaliteit

B-CCENTRE is proud to announce the establishment of the Cyber Security Coalition. The coalition unites more than 50 key players from the three sectors in the fight against cybercrime. The cost of cybercrime is estimated at EUR 3.5 billion, which is more than 1% of the GDP. Yet the fight against cybercrime is still being conducted in a highly fragmented way. Progress in this field can only be made if all parties involved work together.

Uniting the business sector, the academic world and the public authorities is the goal of the Cyber Security Coalition, using the expertise of the B-CCENTRE as a coordination, collaboration and knowledge sharing platform. The focus of this coalition will be on cross-pollination and knowledge sharing, raising awareness among citizens and companies and issuing recommendations for a more efficient policy.

  • In collaboration with the academic partners, the coalition will organise six working sessions in 2015 where knowledge will be shared. Each working session will result in a report on the points raised in the sessions, outlining the main challenges and issuing a number of specific recommendations to the academic world, the business sector and to the public authorities.
  • The coalition will set up specific awareness-raising initiatives and national campaigns. Every year an open interactive session will be held in which the coalition members will share the main findings and achievements with the general public.
  • The coalition will map out the biggest difficulties, weaknesses and challenges and elaborate a series of specific policy recommendations and solutions for both for the public authorities as for the private and academic sector.
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